Welcome to Lavender and Roses!


At Lavender & Roses we like to share with women the importance of nourishing your baby, how to get your baby in the optimal in-utero position, and the overall concept of “active birth.” 

God created your body, as a woman, to give birth — it is a natural process. Every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and lactation is no less than a miracle from Him.   We encourage you to research and make your own decisions about your labor and birth.  We feel that including Lavender & Roses as part of your birth expereince adds a special touch to your birth choices.

Lavender & Roses provides a beautiful space and a perfect blend of comfort and safety.  The birth center is a great place to learn more about being a mother and giving birth.

We understand that you have choices in caregivers in our community.  At Lavender and Roses we feel being your midwife is a privilege. Midwife means “with-women” throughout your entire pregnancy, labor, birth and the first six weeks afterward — Then even more fun begins, as we naturally mother our children.   


Welcome to our natural-mothering community!

We serve Lincoln County, Montana; Boundary County, Idaho, and women living in the Creston area in British Columbia, who wish to come to the states for their prenatal care and birth.  


May you have a perfect pregnancy, a lovely labor and a beautiful birth.

Lavender & Roses, Birth and Mothering Center

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Natural Mothering Concepts for all Women