Our trip home.

We were able to get tickets out of Davao several hours earlier than planned.  This got us to Manila at a decent hour to get some sleep.  We slept in a Christian hotel, and they had a unique set up for dinner.  Open cooking, they had seafood and vegetables.  You chose the piece of seafood you wanted, they cooked it.  I had a couple shrimp and some adobo greens and rice with a watermelon shake.  Tom had a couple prawns, some fish and rice, along with a mango shake.  All of this for under $20.00. 

We ordered breakfast up to our room, as the kitchen  for free breakfasts opened at 6:00 am and we had to leave at 5:45.  We ordered scrambled eggs, sausage and toast and hot chocoloate.  We got scrambled eggs, hot dogs, toast and coffee.  Anyway, we ate what we could and then left in time to get to the airport.

With 2 huge suitcases, 4 smaller suit cases, my back pack and Tom’s study materials, we had quite a load.  I really don’t know how I would have managed coming home by myself.  Tom had taken one look at my rinky box held together with duct tape and promptly went out and got some luggage.  We spent about $20.00 on 2 luggage sets at Davao’s biggest mall, that really suited us well.  The gifts we got for everyone, fit in just right.

Our flights home we uneventful, except for in Davao, they almost took my sea shells.  The guard was very compassionate and looked left, looked right and stuffed them back into my suitcase and stuck a “fragile” sticker on the outside of the case.  He said to tell the guards that they are “finished product”.  We did not encounter any trouble in Manila.

The long ride home was loooooong.  One flight I sat in the seat for 8 hours without getting up once.  The meals were airplane meals, but tasted good.  3 movies later, we landed gracefuly in Portland, Oregon.

In Portland, we almost missed our flight to Spokane,  becuase our flight from Japan to Portland was very late.  We had 1/2 hour to get through customs with all of our luggage, get through security again, get a boarding pass and get from one end of the airport to the other. 

We arrived home safely to Spokane. The Poole family brought our car for us to the airport, so we could get straight home.  3 hours later, we were home.

The children were very excited when we arrived.  Balloons and welcome flowers greeted us.  They could not wait to look at the gifts.  After several hours of oooos and ahhhh’s we collapsed in a heap to sleep (after being awake for over 24 hours.)





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  1. Hello from a fellow Idahoian!

    I am Amber, I got your blog addy from Joyce. I am on an e-mail list with her. I am so glad that you are back safe and sound. I have had a wonderful time reading your blog. My husband and 2 daughters and I live south of CDA! Your family sound wonderful! One day my husband and I will (Lord willing) have a large family like yours : D

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