2 Wonderful days with Tom and good byes…

We were able to spend 1 night at Paradise Island and toured the island, via a jeep.  It was a very rough ride, but interesting.  I think that now we have a really good idea of what this part of the Philippines might be like, in the city and way out in the country.

Here are some pictures of us on our tour…  there are so many pictures I have taken that I wish I could share.Paradise Isand with Tom 005

One of the stops they took us to was a big cave that over 1 million bats call home.  This bat colony really smells.  In fact is was very nausating.  I remember this smell from my childhood and recall a barn that really reaked like this.  Now I know what the smell was!

Paradise Isand with Tom 030


Here is Davao City just before sunset.  It was really raining, so the sunset was not very spectacular, but I know that they can be here.  This is a overlook called Jackson’s ridge.  they have a resturant and places to sit and see the view.

Paradise Isand with Tom 017


Here is an Assemblies of God church.  they have many outreach churchs of all faiths.  Mostly the more common denominations, along with a fancy Jehovah’s Witness building and a Mormon building.

Paradise Isand with Tom 043


Paradise Isand with Tom 045

Tom is front of a bakery that we stopped and bought some bread and cookies for our lunch.  Paradise Island had packed us a lunch to take that consisted of plain rice, garlic broccoli, a pineapple and a mango cut up. 



Paradise Isand with Tom 054

We took a hike to some waterfalls for a picnic lunch.  We had to cross several “bridges” to get to our cascading waterfalls and eating place.  Here is Tom just coming off one of the bridges.  He is carrying lunch.


Paradise Isand with Tom 057

Here is our picnic spot.  We stayed and shared lunch with our guide named Drdr. 







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