Escape to Paradise Island..

Yesterday, I was totally exhausted, mentally and physically.  On the spur of the moment,  I decided to go to Paradise Island for the night.  I am so glad I did!  I slept for almost 12 hours straight in my simple but safe room with two single beds. It was so quiet.  No guy riding a bike by shouting at 4:30 am to sell Mya Buko, (deep fried, ½ embryo eggs) the rice peddler or fighting cats or anything!  After I arrived, I walked on the beach for a couple hours.  I tried to get a sun burn, but I just got browner.

Paradise Isand and Mercy Clinic 017



 I am doing much better.  I have a happy outlook on life again and I feel alive… like I can do this.  It took some courage on my part to leave the house.  But all went well on this trip, and I did take a taxi for most of it.  I just sat in the sand, numb, feeling the waves and sand… picking up a few shells, crying a bit… and went to sleep at 7:00pm.

  I awoke at 6:46 am.  I took my time getting a nice warm shower… not HOT!  Or COLD! I ate a nice quiet breakfast of steamed fish and ginger.  I also had strawberry crepes, but they forgot the strawberries and just used jam…

Paradise Isand and Mercy Clinic 037


  I left the island at 9:45 am and went to the big, big mall.  There I found some more material for dresses and some great Tea Rose perfume that I have been looking for, for years, and a nice new jean jacket… for me.


Paradise Isand and Mercy Clinic 049


I got here at the clinic for work at 12:00 pm, got into my scrubs.  At 1:37 pm,  I just delivered my 13th baby and now I need 4 more for my 17 total.  In addition, I have assisted in some way, with way over 50 births, including the 12 transports.  I think I learned more during the transports!

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