Starting IV’s on each other

Today was pin cusion day.  I was victim for Joyce twice (she got the line started on me twice!) and Beth once.  I am sorry to say that I did not get it first try.  I tried Julia and she was in a lot pain, so I stopped.  I tried on Carmen, but am still not successful.  Part of the reason was that I was a little distracted becuase my laboring mom down in the clinic below, was in the the middle of very active labor and I knew that she was getting pretty close, so I skipped out a tad bit earlier than I would have otherwise.  

We all sat around laughing and joking and looking a little faint.  We were all eyeballling each other’s veins to see who had easy veins to try on.  I went first, of the students, and had Joyce do it twice, successfully on me.  I happened to know that she is the more expereinced of all of us stdents, as she drew blood at the hospital all winter! 

She did a great job and here are some precious photos of me trying!  I will try again another day when I am not so distracted with a labor.  Good thing I came down stairs when I did, too!

IV time 018

IV time 025



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