“To God be the glory, mam (pronounced mom)”

tiny baby 006

A very gentle mom and her husband came into the clinic around 8:30 am.  She was in early labor, and had spotted a little.  Her contractions were feeling strong.  She was concerned about everything  being normal, like what she was feeling and the discharge, and the time frame, and so forth.  I had a great time encouraging her and letting her know that her body was doing exactly what the Lord had designed it to do.

They loved Jesus very much and were Bible students.  They decided to get married and did not finish school, and her heart is still in the Word.  Her name was Phoebe and she loved to talk about the lady in the Bible named Phoebe.  Her husband’s name was Dennis.  As contractions were getting stronger, we prayed that the Lord would grant Phoebe strength.  She labored well and obeyed all my instructions as far as coaching and especially at the end, so she would not tear. She did so well.  The baby was very small and I knew this.  It was fairly quick after she started pushing that we saw the bag of water and baby right behind it.  His little head was full of black hair. She pushed so well…. then she eased the baby’s head out perfectly!  His little body slid out without a problem.

As soon as the baby was out, and rubbed down and turnig pink, I placed him on her tummy, I said to her…”You did fantastic Pheobe!”  she said, “To God be the glory, Mamm.”  It was so sweet. The entire birthing room got teary.  The placenta came and was very small, yet complete. Blood loss was only  moderate.

Baby was the smallest I have handled.  He was just barely 4 lbs. Tiny, but very active and full of vigor.  He yelled for his mama right away. I gave him a 8 and then a 9 at five minutes. 

tiny baby 005  tiny Danziel

 He then quieted down and looked around at his mommy and aunti.  Aunti got to cut the cord and I am sure that this was really meaningful to her. Becuase of his size, there was some talk of transporting.  I worked and worked with the mama to see that she understood that she MUST nurse him every 2 hours or more.  I fretted all night, concerned about how they were doing.  In the morning, when I came down to the clinic, they were doing very well.  The midwives were very happy with how responsible she was being about feeding him all the time.  They were very fine with letting them go home.  THANK YOU LORD!  Here is a picture of him above.

The only draw back was that her bana was not present, because he stepped out to go get something and was gone for about 1/2 hour. 

IV time 038

Birth of a tiny baby boy named Danziel

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