My anniversary surprise from Tom!

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I was busy studying away and labor watching my mom, when Matt McNeil came into the clinic.  He carried a beautiful boquet of flowers.  With a happy smile, he said, “These are for you.”  “What???” I said, “Who from and why???”  He said, “You’ll just have to come over and read the card!”  After opening the card, tears stung my eyes… it was from Tom.  Dear Sherry, it read, Will you Marry me?  Happy Anniversary! Love, Tom.

I cannot believe in all of this crazyness, in all his business taking care of things, thousands of miles away, that he remembered.  It is not our wedding anniversary, but the anniversary of the day that he asked me to marry him.  He has faithfully remmebered this date every year for over 26 years now.  I am floored!  The boquet smells like home.  Roses remind me of home.  There are no roses growing here.  I wonder where in the world he came up with them. Tom, you are such as sweet heart!!!  I LOVE being married to you!  16 more days until I am home!





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