A sweet little Angel..

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On my afternoon shift and night shift, a quiet little couple came in.  She was in labor and this was her first baby.  She was not coping with the contractions very well… in fact the whole labor she had a hard time.  As the evening wore on, she would cry and even collapse on the floor with each contraction.  I got a coaching work-out!  She complained of a lot of back pain.  I would rub her back and push hard at the pressure points and it seemed to help very little.

            Finally by early morning she was ready to push.  That was not much more fun for her either.  After 1 hour of very strenuous pushing, with her bottom at the edge of the bed, legs up around her neck, she brought a sweet baby girl into the world.  Unfortunately, she tore a 3rd degree tear (almost to the rectum).  I felt badly, as it was partly due to my not supporting her bottom very well as the shoulders came out.  On the other hand, some of the midwives felt she was tearing inside before the baby even came out…

            The special thing about this couple, is that they both had a relationship with Jesus. Not just a “Christian” veneer, but a real live love for Jesus.  During the quiet moments between contractions, the bana told me that he felt he was back slidden and wanted to come back to Jesus.  So we talked about what it means to come back to Jesus and why he should. They spoke a little English, so the communication was easier for me than some.

            This was frosting on the cake for me, as I absolutely love sharing about my Heavenly Father with any of these ladies that will listen.  With this couple we prayed and called out to God many times during labor and thanked the Lord profusely when Angel was born and mom was safe.  Here is a picture of Marivec, her bana and Baby Angel.


8 25 07 moms 003

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