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Birth Stories to read
Julia Weaver MAP-  I just love to sit down & hear ladies tell their birth stories!  Every birth is unique…sometimes very short, or very long, sometimes she has a homebirth, hospital birth, etc. & there are so many feelings & emotions involved.  Every baby born has an impact on the mother’s life.  It is so rewarding to be a part of the birthing process!!  I want you to feel free to express your specific desires for your delivery.  I enjoy serving & reaching out to clients with care & compassion.  I strive to lend a peaceful presence to your birth & also a pep talk now & then if someone is worn out.  Sometimes a change of scenery is in order if you’ve been in one room waiting around too long.

The first calling in my life is as a wife & mother.  My husband has been so supportive of my endeavor to become a licensed midwife.  Though the way was long & arduous, perseverance & trust in the Lord got me through.  My wonderful family is my husband Abe, son Morgan (5 yrs.) & daughter Alexandra (1 yr.).  I had a midwife with my first baby, but transported & delivered at the hospital.  My second baby was delivered at the birth center here with Sherry & Joyce.

Many a mom faces the dilemma of all the options available today, but doesn’t know why she should or should not do certain procedures.
That is why I am committed to providing excellent prenatal care that also includes education.  There is a concept of personal responsibility & an
individual’s right to make choices regarding what they feel is best for themselves & their baby (within the boundaries of responsible care).  This is
where there needs to be true informed choice, not just informed consent to what I feel is best.  Every mama needs to have the freedom to have her
baby with a caregiver of her choice, one who is appropriate to her physical needs & her unique personality & beliefs.

There is great value in continuity of care throughout the childbearing cycle.  Thus, if there are complications in a pregnancy that require medical consultation, I will strive to maintain continuous care within realistic limits.  My vision for our community is that there would be on-going trust & respect between the hospital/physicians & the midwives, bringing collaborative care to the clients in my care.  In the future I would like to bring quality care to a diversity of individuals, serving others with Jesus’ love & compassion.

Honesty is invaluable in any relationship.  Especially between a midwife & client.  Openness & clarity in communication are the keys to a good relationship & friendship throughout the pregnancy & beyond.

Experience & Training

When I was 21 yrs. old in 2001, I departed to Pennsylvania for a 1
yr. apprenticeship with a midwife of 25 yrs. & 2,000+ births.  I
attended about 100 births in that 1 year.  During that tenure, I
performed 100’s of prenatals, many lab blood draws, newborn screens
(PKU tests), pap smear tests, etc.  I came away with many valuable
skills and knowledge that have boosted my studies in recent years.
I married in 2003 and had my first child in 2005.  After much
consideration and prayer, I officially began my formal midwifery
training in 2007.  I attended the Association of Texas Midwives School
in Midland, TX along with Sherry Bushnell.  The studies were completed in 1 ½ yrs., including 6 trips to TX to attend workshops, & a trip to the Philippines to attend more births.  I am currently licensed in the state of Montana under the Board of Alternative Healthcare, as a Midwife Apprentice, license #49 MAP.

I have attended approx. 175 births so far.
I keep current certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR.

Serving Libby, Noxon, Thompson Falls, Plains, & beyond.
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Email: giftsfromabove.midwife@gmail.com
Address:  16 Grandview Drive
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Childbirth Philosophy:
The privilege of having babies is a special blessing from the Lord.
Each little baby is a gift.
Having family involvement during the pregnancy-postpartum process is invaluable.
Each birth is unique & the mother needs to be able to listen to what her body is telling her.  In a comfortable environment whether at the birth center or at home, the mother needs the freedom to move as she pleases.  She can squat, walk, shower or sit in a tub, sit on a birth ball, lay down & rest with no distractions, get back pressure/massage to ease the force of a contraction, listen to music, have the lights dimmed, etc.
My philosophy of birth is that it is a normal life process, a special gift given to women.  When I first began midwifery training, I thought the baby would be the most rewarding part of the birth for me.  Well, the baby is the frosting on the cake & I can’t get in enough snuggles 🙂  But for me, the most rewarding aspect is mothering the mother…coaching & facilitating the birth in a manner that lets the mom know that she can do this!!   I will strive to ensure vaginal birth & provide guidance & support as needed to encourage the normal spontaneous processes of pregnancy, labor & birth.  I will utilize medical intervention only as necessary.  The most important determinant of a healthy pregnancy is the mother herself.  The mother’s lifestyle can encourage the growth of a healthy placenta & baby or have unhealthy habits that cause pre-eclampsia or other complications.  I recognize though that the parameters of “normal” vary widely & understand that each pregnancy & birth is unique.  There is great value in a midwife’s skills which support a complicated pregnancy or birth to move toward a state of greater well-being or brought to the most healing conclusion.   I can synthesize clinical observations, theoretical knowledge, intuitive assessment & prayer as components of a competent decision making process.

What is important to me:

  •          A relaxed mama
  •          Healthy food options to grow a strong placenta
  •          Your birth, your way
  •          Fully support waterbirth
  •          It is VERY important to me to deliver your baby without any major tears
  •          Happy memories of a warm & beautiful birth experience
  •          Coming to visit me so I can see you & that growing baby & get free baby weight checks
  •          Informed choice…Receiving informative handouts etc. that let you know the choices you have & how they impact you & your baby
  •          Being with you every step of the way, even if you are transported to the hospital.