Lori Sabin, CPM

Lori Evergreen

My name is Lori Sabin and I began my midwifery education in May 2009. The first step on my journey was to attend a doula workshop to learn about natural childbirth and comfort measures to assist women as they labor. I found Sherry and asked if I could possibly attend births at Lavender and Roses. She graciously took me in and began teaching me her gentle ways and more importantly the Midwives Model of Care. I studied at The Midwives College of Utah and Graduated in October of 2014 after passing my NARM exam. With the help of Sherry, Dr. Anne Camber, midwife Barbara Rawlings and midwife Kendra Scarlett, I was finally able to call myself a Certified Professional Midwife. As a CPM I applied and received my Idaho license in December 2014.  Currently I am still working on my Montana license as a Montana apprentice.  I look forward to working with Sherry and the other wonderful midwives in our community for many years to come.  I cherish the “art of midwifery” that I have learned from these women along the way. Women who choose out-of-hospital birth are near and dear to my heart. I feel passionately about women having evidence based information and the ability to make informed decisions about their own care. I feel blessed and humbled to witness the birth of every new life and the making of every new family.

Please feel free to contact me at;

sabin.lori@yahoo.com or call me at our office #208-267-6264