What to gather for the birth?

What to gather for the birth:
Birth center birth:
*2 nightgowns, 1 shorter and older for the birth, one for afterwards to nurse in and a robe
*T-shirts, sports bras, or some things to get into the birth pool numerous times
*Personal towels for birth pool, showering, baby bath. New package of washcloths for hot compresses ( plastic bag to carry home linens to be washed)
*Toothbrush, personal items, clothes to go home in
*4 – 5 receiving blankets for baby the first few hours
*Juices and drinks like sports drinks, chlorophyll, emergen-C, bottle of good water (birth center has filtered water)
***Please bring something to eat! Easy digestible snacks for laboring mom, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, soup, fruit. And food of after the birth. You will be HUNGRY after laboring and the local eateries don’t open until 6:00am. Your body may need an extra boost in calories, to get the placenta out. Consider bringing good breakfast items, that you like after working hard.
*Newborn diapers and clothes for baby
*Sanitary napkins large or over night type. Depends if you wish to use those with a pad.
*Thermometer for baby and mom for postpartum
*Car seat
*2 cotton caps for your baby
*AfterEase: herbal tincture for afterbirth pains Mountain Meadows is a good brand
*Anything else that makes you feel relaxed and at home: DVD’s, music, massage oils, scents, candles,
For home birth you will need in addition to the above items:
*2 Plastic mattress covers. One plastic, one bottom sheet, one plastic, one bottom sheet. Easy!
*2 bottom sheets for your bed
*Bed pan or bowl for placenta
*Throw rugs or old towels for extra protection for slippery wood floors or carpeted bedrooms
*Good flashlight or direct light source to look for possible tears
*Crock-pot for herbal bath infusion or hot ginger compresses for pushing stage.
*Large bucket for dirty washcloths
*3 clean (old is fine) thin, soft, bath towels or old receiving blankets, to dry baby right away
*Lots of extra towels. New package of cheaper washcloths for perineal hot compresses during pushing.
*Garbage bag for linens to be carried to the washing machine.
*Paper towels and Kleenex, wet wipes.
*1-gallon size zip-lock bag for placenta
*Heating pad and Heating blanket
*Birth pool if desired. $100 for birth pool. Water Birth Solutions is a good resource. Kiddie pools are not tall enough for safe water birth, but can be used just for relaxation.