Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Birth Center?
A Birth Center is a free-standing facility that is not part of a hospital, but is designed to meet the needs of a birthing woman and her family. Montana does not require birth center licensing for Certified Professional Midwives, but we have complied with licensing requirements to assure your safety and comfort.
Why choose a midwife?
Midwives are experts in normal childbearing. They not only focus on the importance of the physical health of moms and babies, but they are also very attentive to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The focus of midwifery care, in birth, is to promote the natural progression of labor and to only intervene when absolutely necessary.
Why would I want to have my baby in a Birth Center?
Birth is a natural, healthy and important experience for a woman and her family. Labors generally progress the best when she is comfortable and allowed to labor without unnecessary interventions. In a Birth Center she can labor in a way that helps her body progress spontaneously through the natural stages of labor.
In a Birth Center, women have the freedom to walk, talk, eat, soak in a warm tub of water, and enjoy spending time with her family without the constraints of continuous fetal heart monitoring or having to lie in a bed. The baby is monitored according to protocols put forth by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists with a handheld Doppler. This allows the laboring mother to take whatever position she finds the most comfortable.
After your birth, your baby will always be with you, which is critical for the bonding experience and for successful initiation of breastfeeding. All baby checks will be done with the baby right by your side. During your stay, you will be offered privacy, but will always have someone nearby to assist you. You will have access to a full, beautiful kitchen to make your own meals just as you like them, or have the option of a gourmet meal
of your choice prepared for you.
Is It Safe?
For low risk women, a Birth Center delivery is just as safe as a hospital delivery. A study published by the New England Journal of medicine that represented over 12,000 pregnant women confirmed that births, which
occurred in midwife staffed birth centers, were just as safe as births taking place in the hospital.
Are any pain medications available?
Pain medications are not available out of the hospital due to the possible adverse affects to mom and baby. In our care, parents receive some education surrounding the risk of those medications and often feel strongly about avoiding them. Also, with support from your birth team, both prenatally and in labor, pain meds are not usually necessary. Some methods of pain relief that are often utilized instead, include hydrotherapy, massage, herbs and
the use of a professional Doula that can help you move through the difficult times.
Although most often narcotics are unnecessary, in the event that they are needed, or for hospital transport becomes necessary, your midwife will accompany you to the hospital and act as your advocate while there.
Are there medications for suturing?
Will my insurance cover a birth center birth?
Most insurance companies do pay for our facility and services. For those who don’t have insurance or whose insurance will not cover, we offer a variety of options. When you come in for your one-hour, free consultation we’d love to discuss your options, or you may contact us via phone or email.
What happens when I go into labor?
Someone will answer your questions 24 / 7. When you go into labor, you will call us and we will help you to decide when it would be best to come in. While you are on your way, we will be filling your birth tub and lighting candles to welcome you!