About Us

Lavender & Roses, Birth and Mothering Center was created with the hearts of Northern Montana and Idaho women in mind.

Along with custom crafted wood furniture and paintings made from local artisans, we have created a cozy, spa-like birth tub room, that feels like heaven on a cold winter’s night, or blissfully refreshing with the outdoors just a few steps away in the summer. Our unique birth room contains special amenities to help mothers listen to their bodies as they give birth. They can walk, rest or soak in the tub, or lounge in the living area or outside in the orchard. Most importantly, they can give their body a chance to turn off any fear or tension and put their mind at peace, as they gently work to bring their baby into their arms.

Lavender & Roses embraces all mothers who want to experience the art of natural mothering for pregnancy and birth. Have you had a c-section, adopted your baby, or chosing to use an epidural in the hospital? Come learn about natural mothering along with us. Be a part of your local birthing community — there is so much to know!

See information regarding pricing for midwife and birth center care below.


Lavender & Roses offers various community classes and events. We would love to have you join us!

Please see our Classes & Events tab for more information, or you may call us at 406-293-6262 (MAMA). If you would like to e-mail us: Sherry@LavenderandRoses.org

We offer a unique service for our natural birth community.  

If counseling would help you create a happier, more fulfulling pregnancy, we offer support in this area. Our Pregnancy Counseling is free and available to women who contact us with specific needs. 

Breast-feeding Classes • Nutrition Classes • Vaccination Information • Healthy Woman’s Night • Momma and Baby Gatherings • Expressive Art in Pregnancy • Picnics in our Orchard • Clothing swaps for Mommas, Babies, and Children • Toy swaps • Exercise for pregnant mothers • Birth Art • and much more!

How much does a birth at Lavender & Roses cost?   


Lavender & Roses basic midwifery care package: includes standard prenatal visits(10 – 14), childbirth classes (as many as desired), uncomplicated labor management and birth (24 hours) and normal postpartum care.  Birth Center or facilitate home birth and assistant.Fee Schedule:  Lavender & Roses’ standard midwifery care package fee is $4,400.00.  1 birth assistant $400 (required). The birth center facility fee or facilitated home birth fee for mom and baby is $1,000.00.  Total $5,400.00        *******50% discount on above standard midwife care package, if payment is made in full before 37 weeks.        Total $2,700.00

FREE! We welcome you to set up an appointment for your free consultation to meet Sherry Bushnell and our staff, to tour Lavender & Roses birth center and estimate your cost.


          Estimation of your custom total birth care cost is based on the basic midwifery care package above, facility fees and 1 birth assistant to help midwife at birth.  Your birth care cost may also include items such as labs, supplements, medications, and choices from a menu of special items. Special items can include relaxation therapy, stretch/bodywork, photography, and other services not covered in the basic midwife care package. Together we will estimate your birth care cost, combining the services you need and special services you desire, to provide a safe and enjoyable birth experience.

Services and items outside the basic midwifery care package fee might include:

  • all lab work – fees determined by laboratory used and your specific needs. Average cost $107.00 
  • herbs and supplements 
  • complicated prenatal or postnatal visits (an example might be a non-stress test for baby at 41 weeks or a bladder infection or pain that needs further investigation.) 
  • birth complications and services rendered for mom or baby
  • Doula ($400)
  • all medications for mom or baby (if any)
  • photography fees ($50 – $100 if desired)
  • relaxation room/bodywork/stretches / $40.00 / hr. 
  • Pap collection or well woman care before 6 weeks postpartum (in addition to regular postpartum care).

      We take VISA, Mastercard and Discover for your convenieince. Prearranged payment plans and 50% disocunt for cash payers, if paid in full before 37 weeks. 


Will my insurance cover a birth center or home birth?
Most insurance companies pay for our facility and services. For those who don’t have insurance, whose insurance has a large deductible or whose insurance will not cover a certified professional midwife, we offer a variety of options. When you come in for your one-hour, free consultation we’d love to discuss your options, or you may contact us via phone or email.     sherry@lavenderandroses.org

MEDICAID  YES!!!  We do accept Medicaid for Idaho residents.  Birth center and birth assistant costs are not covered by Idaho Medicaid Insurance, so those are separate costs ($1,400) that need to be paid by 37 weeks.  Payment plans are flexible.  

Trades are given consideration. 

Larson billing handles all of our insurance claims.  To understand what your insurance company will cover follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.larsenbilling.com


3. Select CLIENT REGISTRATION FORM.      My pin number is 10479

Complete and submit form

4. To pay online, select PAY NOW. Note: there will be an additional $3 fee charged by the debit/credit card company to pay online.

For other payment options, select PAYMENTS in the PARENTS tab on the website.